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New Release! Landscapes of the Heart

Very excited about this latest release of original meditative piano music (except for two beautiful light classical pieces by Erik Satie). This Cd was recorded at the famous Imaginary Road Studio in Windham County, Vermont. The producer is Will Ackerman who was the founder of Windham Hill Records, a Grammy award winning guitarist, and producer of several other Grammy award winning artists and gold records. Several of the tracks feature one other instrument played by some of the top artists in the country.

landscape coverG-Schmidt-Landscapes-CD-Back-Cover

Read an article and review from Media and Focus magazine

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“I own over 1,000 classical music discs that I listen when I read or simply want to enjoy music. Until I acquired Gary Schmidt’s Landscapes of the Heart, my favorite music had been that of Mozart. Now this CD is absolutely the best. I never get tired of listening to this music. It is great as background music when one reads. It has soothing and calming effect on me. I feel fortunate to have this music”. (Customer review on Amazon).

To preview, download, or international physical sales outside U.S. click here. To purchase CDs or purchase the sheet music directly through my website click here. (I think the artwork is pretty cool and there is a nice poem by Rumi inside lol).

Streaming now on Pandora and Spotify.

View a music video of the opening track here!

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Sacred Spaces

Sacred Spaces is a recording of a collection of pieces I wrote for quiet times, relaxation, meditation, yoga or just light background music. Whether you are in need of a breather or have a business which requires a calm ambiance this is the CD for you. To preview and download click here!



La Vie en Piano

La Vie en Piano (Life in Piano) is a collection of beautiful classical piano solos. To preview and download click here!