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Click here to watch a 60 second commercial I was hired to play in:) Produced by, May 2018



Photo Sept. 2017 After performing and accepting an album of the year award
for best piano with instruments at the Grand Old Opry!

Winner of Album of the Year in Europe from One World Radio! 
Best Piano Recording with Instruments.







Very nice review from Conscious Living Magazine in Australia!

Update April 17/17. Have now been in the top 10 on One World Music Radio for 4months in a row! 8,7,6, 10 respectively.



Listen a recent radio broadcast from the U.K. featuring my music here.

Read a review from Media and Focus magazine here:

Review from from Will Ackerman,  the founder of Windham Records and multiple Grammy/Gold record producer Will Ackerman:

“Gary Schmidt’s piano compositions clearly reflect his knowledge of and appreciation of classical music.  His technique is refined and his ability to move between classical influences and his own distinctive melodies is seamless.  LANDSCAPES of the HEART is a marvelously successful tour de force of heart and mind; emotionally evocative and rewarding and is an important contribution to the evolution of contemporary piano and should not be missed”.  Grammy award winning producer and founder of Windham Hill records, Will Ackerman

Reviews from Amazon Customer (sample below)

on November 27, 2016
I own over 1,000 classical music discs that I listen when I read or simply want to enjoy music. Until I acquired Gary Schmidt’s Landscapes of the Heart, my favorite music had been that of Mozart. Now this CD is absolutely the best. I never get tired of listening to this music. It is great as background music when one reads. It has soothing and calming effect on me. I feel fortunate to havethis music.