All ages and levels welcome!

Kid's love Music!

I have taught many children over the years and enjoy it very much and they seem to enjoy me as well!  I believe that piano lessons should certainly be a fun experience and should be based on child's natural curiosity and playful approach to life.  To ensure success and develop a love for music should be a primary goal. This is achieved through a balanced diet of a variety of musical styles and selections yet in a non-stressful or pressured environment.

I use a systematic approach to ensure as complete an experience as possible. I also believe that learning to play by both ear and sight is a valuable pursuit even if a child shows strength in one area or the other. Ultimately though it is a joint effort between the parents and myself as a teacher to ensure that both the parent's desires and the child's best interests are supported and achieved.

Did you know that contrary to what some people may think a child's first piano teacher is their most important?  It is during these lessons that a proper and essential foundation is laid along with a joy for music. If not it will no doubt lead to bad habits which may need to be undone later. You have my promise that I will ensure the best possible music education for your child.

child piano lessons