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Online Lessons

As a response to Covid I moved most of my teaching to online for the present time. I was always a bit skeptical of the online approach but have been very much surprised! It has worked very well and I can honestly say I have not noticed any less effectiveness in teaching or a student's progress.

I have a professional online setup with high quality cameras and microphones and computers. I can easily monitor both the student and their printed music at the same time.

A few notes about online lessons:

Please consider purchasing some equipment. It really is not that expensive at all. Things to consider are some kind of external microphone for your device. This greatly improves the students broadcast sound quality. Also consider purchasing an external camera, preferably with some kind of high or flexible trip in order to be able to get the best camera angle possible. These are not necessary for lessons but they do improve things!

Some of the obvious advantages to online are:

No commute! 

No need to bring siblings along to wait while another sibling has a lessons.

You can be doing anything you want at home while the child has their lesson.

No snow days!

The student can have their lesson in any location, even like from a cottage in the mountains or visiting family for the summer.

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