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Adults Learn Quickly!

I have many adult students and really enjoy it.  I find it very rewarding to be able to help them achieve their goals and desire to play.  Everyone of course is unique with different motivations for taking lessons so we will begin with discussing your goals and desires so together I can ensure that you have the most enjoyment and achieve what you desire in an effective way.  I always offer always a free consultation at my home studio to ensure that you feel comfortable with me. Certainly never any pressure!

There seems to be a kind of myth that floats around that adults don't learn as quickly as children.  However I have found that is not the case! Adults bring mental resources and experience that children simply don't have.  For one, probably your mother is not making you take lessons! You add to that all your cognitive abilities and I have found that adults make great progress more rapidly then they would imagine.  So hop on board for the fun ride!



Did you know that many studies have proven that studying music is a great way to reduce stress and well as aid in the prevention of memory loss?  Playing a musical instrument is a great way to increase your overall health and lifestyle!
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